Egmont : Goethe/Beethoven - Laurence Equilbey, conductor
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Egmont : Goethe/Beethoven


Ludwig van Beethoven / Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Beethoven and Goethe: two geniuses brought together by Egmont, the heroic figure who liberated the Dutch provinces in the 16th century, and who provided Goethe with the material for a passionate play. The freeing of peoples, individuals and their destiny, political and religious issues: these themes could not fail to excite Beethoven who used them to pen one of his most brilliant overtures and some of his greatest incidental music. Conductor Laurence Equilbey and theatre director Séverine Chavrier bring out the full potency and contemporary relevance of the work in a stage version that combines music with live and filmed acting. A première for this piece.
1h30 without interval


Comédians (casting coming soon) Comte d'Egmont, Guillaume d'Orange, Duc d'Albe, Ferdinand
Insula orchestra
Laurence Equilbey, conductor
Séverine Chavrier, staging
Beate Haeckl, dramaturgy
Benjamin Hautin, scenography
Thomas Guiral, videographer
Patrick Riou, lights creation


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