Mozart vs Schubert - Laurence Equilbey, conductor
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Mozart vs Schubert


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Symphony No.40
Franz Schubert
Symphony No.5

Mozart and Schubert: two geniuses who died too soon. Though written at an interval of 28 years, two of their symphonies are comparable, almost twins. Mozart’s Symphony n° 40 is a work of maturity. Its mood is strikingly tragic, while it also packs an expressive punch and is rhythmically flawless. Schubert’s Symphony n° 5, written while the composer was still very young, is reminiscent of his predecessor’s by its form, key, restrained expression and melodic wealth. As though Schubert aspired to Mozart’s ideal before setting off to explore uncharted, more personal territories.

1h without interval


Insula orchestra
Laurence Equilbey, conductor


  • Jun

    20h30 - Île Seguin, La Seine Musicale
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