Beethoven, Symphony n° 9 - Laurence Equilbey, conductor
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Beethoven, Symphony n° 9


Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphonie n° 9

accentus celebrates New Year’s alongside the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra! Under Laurence Equilbey’s conducting, they will perform Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony staged by classical music enthusiast Circa, a contemporary circus company. Opening 2024 with “Ode to joy” is worth all the wishes for happiness in the world!


Amina Edris soprano
Agata Schmidt alto
Amitaï Pati ténor
Alexander Tsymbalyuk basse
Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg
Laurence Equilbey direction
Christophe Grapperon chef de chœur
Yaron Lifschitz (Cie Circa) mise en scène
Libby McDonnell costumes


  • Dec

    19h - Luxembourg, Théâtre de la ville de Luxembourg
  • Jan

    17h - Luxembourg, Théâtre de la ville de Luxembourg
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