Mozart, Symphonies - Laurence Equilbey, conductor
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Mozart, Symphonies


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Symphonie n° 1 en mi bémol majeur, KV 16
Symphonie n° 25 en sol mineur, KV 183
Symphonie n° 40 en sol mineur, KV 550

Mozart takes center stage at the Festival Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo with three symphonies: No. 1, No. 25 and No. 40.

"Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart may not be the first of European music, but today he remains the emblem of child prodigies. A close friend of Maria-Anna (Nannerl) Mozart, Friedrich Schlichtegroll, who wrote the composer's obituary in 1792, recounts: "The Mozart son was about three years old when his father began to teach piano to his seven-year-old daughter. From that moment on, the little boy showed extraordinary talent. He often amused himself for hours on end by searching the piano for the thirds that were in tune, which he would then play over and over again, expressing his joy at having discovered this harmony". From the age of six, Wolfgang Amadeus tried his hand at composing on scraps of paper. By the age of nine, he had completed his first symphonies!

Charlotte Ginot-Slacik.


Insula orchestra
Laurence Equilbey direction


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    18h - Monte-Carlo, Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo
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